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Management Team

Management TeamA good presentation of your management team in the business plan may play a decisive role in loan granting.

If you present a strong management team successfully, you may bolster your business plan, by showing that you can apply your good ideas and theory in the practical world. You will achieve a presentation of this kind by stressing those management skills at your disposal which have the greatest focus on your business and activities.

Three key elements in the presentation of your management team.

  • The management-team summary surveys the principal roles of each team member. It may also refer to your future plans, for example, projected hirings.
  • The organizational structure specifies the hierarchy and outlines responsibilities and decision-making powers.This is also an opportunity to provide a mission statement and describe the working environment you are aiming for.
  • In the management team-section you set out the skills and track record of the company managers. You may also offer details about key employees, pointing out qualifications, experience or outstanding skills, those qualities which will add a competitive edge to the image of the business.A paragraph enumerating theĀ business expertise of your staff would be absolutely appropriate. This might include special knowledge of budget control, personnel management, public relations and strategic planning.Reveal plans for future training courses or any other measures to improve your the skills of your personnel skills. Make it clear that you plan to offer them the opportunity to acquire new information and knowledge, that they will be able to develop their value on the market.
  • In the personnel plan describe your personnel structure and long-term plans for staff, as well as the financial aspects they involve. Specify payroll costs, as well as other possible future costs.

Management Team