Business Plan Tools & Guidelines

Business Plan Implementation

business plan implementation, business plan, business implementationA vital stage in business planning: business plan implementation. Here is where the business plan implementation puts theory into practice. If theory and practice do not come together, the plan will remain on the drawing board. The business plan must be implemented with due regard to deadlines set. The responsibility of each individual involved in the plan must be clearly delineated. The implementation plan must form an integral part of the business plan. The manager must have a clear idea of the practical impact of his business ideas.

Business Plan Implementation Steps

  • Establishing the business objectives
  • Defining and assigning the tasks needed to attain the objectives set
  • Setting out a timescale
  • Monitoring activities and progress

Business Plan Implementation Objectives

The objectives must be clearly and concisely set out, with the planning of key waystages. They must at the same time be realistic, demanding but achievable.


The tasks must be listed with the individuals responsible for completing each task. They must be simply and clearly stated, and need not be oppressive. The results envisaged should outweigh the time and effort devoted to the tasks.


Each task, and its duration, must be framed within a clear timescale. The result clearly displays all the activities necessary with their deadlines.

Monitoring Activity and Progress

During the monitoring process, delays must be highlighted. This stage identifies and rectifies the delays. Within a business plan, several implementation plans will be needed for the particular aspects of the business: product planning, marketing, financial problems and human resource management (Business Plan Implementation).