Business Plan Tools & Guidelines

Business Plan Samples and Templates

Business Plan Samples and TemplatesThe business plan samples and templates database offered by Business Plan Pro constitute a useful plan-building tool.

Business Plan Templates

A business plan template is pre-defined, usually a business plan outline. You fill in all the sections with your own data to create your own plan. Although this method of formulating a business plan is not to be recommended, it can be used as a starting point. You “coat” the template in a very personal manner. Thus, you can be certain that you have not left out any important aspect of the plan.

Business Plan Pro offers:

  • A free business plan template section — professional PowerPoint business plan templates, found in the “Resources” directory.
  • The possibility of saving business plan forms as templates.

Business Plan Samples

Business plan samples are concrete examples of business plans, based on real businesses or representing plans of real businesses, containing actual data: text, figures, charts. Do not use them in their existing form, as they will not match your business exactly. Nevertheless, they constitute excellent business plan models.

Business Plan Pro offers:

  • A business plan free sample section containing over 400 sample business plans from 55 industries. The sample business plans are delivered over the Internet. As the sample business-plan database is subjected to frequent updates, the user can access the latest versions. You also save hard-drive space.
  • The possibility of importing components of a sample plan, such as topics, tables, charts into your own business plan.
  • The possibility of editing directly within a business plan sample. In this way, you can use the business plan examples as templates for your own plan. But again, your business plan may lack originality. And any sample business plan will not make an exact fit with your own business parameters.