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Business Plan Pro 2004

Business Plan Pro 2004Business Plan Pro 2004 was replaced by the 2005 version, but still, here are some of it’s features.

Business Plan Pro 2004 Features

  • Allows export to MS Word for additional editing and import back into the Business Plan Pro. It allows direct printing of plans stored in MS Word.
  • Allows importing from Intuit QuickBooks and export to MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and HTML.
  • New interface compatible with Microsoft standards.
  • Improved text editing.
  • Improved tables styles functionality: allows color printing, customizing information.
  • Allows quarterly financial reports.
  • Allows monthly financial forecasting for two years (feature required by some lenders and investors).
  • Tables and charts automatically generated and easy to use.
  • The numeric sections require entering figures via templates, ensuring that the calculations are correct and the final form of the plan is coherent.
  • 9000 industry profiles available.
  • Automat professional formatting.
  • Included PowerPoint presentation templates.
  • Included Small Business Administration loan application.
  • The possibility of the business to have a website is taken into account
  • The software checks the plan at the end for eventual problems.

Business Plan Pro 2004 comes in two versions:

  • Standard: designed for small businesses — startup and growing.
  • Business Plan Pro 2004 Premier: designed for consultants and larger business executives. The email collaboration feature allows teams to work together in the creation of a business plan with Business Plan Pro 2004.