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Writing a business plan?
Great, that’s what this site is all about.

Why is the business plan said to be of such great importance to a business?

How can it improve your business success?

and why is it such a controversial issue?

A business plan is valuable. It’s required sooner or later for small companies as well as for large companies, for starting a business as well as for helping it grow. Here you can find some great resources to help you build a strong plan. whether you a starting a small business or accelerating the growth of an established business, having a strategic plan can make all the difference to the overall success of your business.


  • business plan, business planning, structure of the company, strategic vision, strategic marketing, market analysis, management structureBusiness Planning BasicsA business plan defines the structure of the company and the object of the business activity.
  • Executive Summary, business plan, business plan summary, potential investorsExecutive SummaryWhen preparing business plans, the executive summary requires particularly close attention.
  • company description, business plan companyCompany DescriptionWithout too much superfluous detail, the company description section of the business plan should clearly define the basics of your company or business.
  • Strategic Planning, business planning strategy, business strategy, SWOT, SWOT analysisStrategic PlanningBusiness plans settle the pre-requisites for strategic planning implementation.
  • marketing plan, Market Analysis, business planMarketing Plan - Market Analysis ComponentsMarketing Plan - The market analysis, with its component parts, locates your business within existing and future markets.
  • Financial Analysis, business plan financial, Financial review, profit and loss, Financial AnalysisThe financial analysis is the most concrete, practical part of the business plan, the section likely to arouse the greatest interest.
  • Business Plan Evaluation, business plan, business evaluation, risk analysis, written business plan, Business Plan EvaluationHow does an investor or banker accomplish a business plan evaluation? When a business plan has been drawn up, evaluation is critical.
  • business plan implementation, business plan, business implementationBusiness Plan ImplementationA vital stage in business planning: business plan implementation.
  • business plan templates, business plan, business templatesBusiness Plan TemplatesWhen you create a business plan, you can write it yourself, with the help of books, business plan templates and experts, or you can pay someone else to do it for you.
  • business plan software, business software, business planBusiness Plan SoftwareBusiness plan software offers the possibility of creating professionally organized business plans.
  • business planning newsBusiness Planning NewsBusiness Planning Start-up ideas. Business Planning Taskmaster.
  • resources, web sitesResourcesWe are currently building the resources section. Visit again soon.